Metro Inspections


Founded in 1991, Metro Inspections is currently a tier-1, premiere provider of on-site verification services, with coverage throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands and Canada. We assist our clients with the tedious, yet critically important task of verifying essential data about potential and existing customers. By outsourcing this task, our clients are able to turn their attention to pursuing, develop­ing and managing customer relationships rather than spending valuable time conduct­ing site surveys. In this role, we truly become an extension of our clients’ underwriting and risk man­agement functions.

Metro Inspections designed its services around the needs of a primary industry audience: Merchant Acquirers. As a fundamental service offering for the past 25+ years, Metro has provided on-site verification services for acquirers with customers who are applying to process credit and debit card transactions and need assistance evaluating the validity of the business and related applicants.

Over time, we have refined our network and experience to service numer­ous clients, from mortgage lending companies and banks to equipment leasing companies, investment firms and insurance providers. Yet we continue to focus on our primary objective of satisfying the unique needs of merchant acquirer organizations.

With 60-plus years’ combined experience in on-site inspection management, we’re a recognized industry leader. A reference check with one or more of our existing clients will provide prospective clients with the confidence necessary to entrust the management of this critical function to Metro Inspections.

Scope of Services

Metro Inspections has specialized in Merchant Site Inspections for more than two decades. The Merchant Site Inspection assists acquirers and financial institutions in the preliminary assessment of merchant accounts and in their efforts to mitigate potential fraud and risks associated with the establishment and ongoing management of the account.

Our inspectors are trained to visit the merchant’s primary place of business to verify its physical location and ownership.  In addition, inspectors validate appropriate and adequate facilities, inventory and licensing to conduct such business.  Throughout this process, our inspectors document pertinent facts and information relating to the overall condition of the business and the merchant’s acceptance of bankcards.

Metro Inspections genuinely understands that the on-site inspection is the first line of defense against unscrupulous or unqualified customers and applicants.  We offer:

• A nationwide team of professional, vetted and well-trained inspectors
• Verified written reports
• Photographic validation of the merchant premises
• On-demand inspection activity reports

A key benefit to working with Metro Inspections is that our clients are invited and encouraged to provide direction on exactly what is required and our services are, in-turn, tailored to incorporate those precise requirements.

We invite your organization to take advantage of the many benefits our technology, processes, and expansive network our inspection personnel offer.