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Gayle Juhl is the President and CEO of Metro Inspections, LLC.
Gayle’s marketing and operations career began at Valley National Bank of Arizona (VNB) and went on to survive several mergers, most recently, Paymentech and Chase Merchant Services, which took place in 2004.
Throughout her career, Gayle progressed through numerous administrative and management positions. At Bank One which later became Chase Paymentech, she was responsible for establishing the National Merchant Sales Center, Merchant Referral and Application Tracking System and Lead Management and Referral Tracking/Reporting roles.

In 2006, with Gayle’s keen knowledge, expertise and experience in the marketing, merchant communication and operations functions within the merchant acquiring industry, she identified an unfulfilled need in the marketplace for an on-site verification company that could understand the unique needs of merchant acquirers. This is when she set out to building Metro Inspections, the leader in on-site verification services.

Since shifting her primary focus to the on-site verification industry, Gayle has worked tirelessly to ensure that Metro Inspections remains the leader in the on-site verification services space, constantly staying attuned to the distinctive needs of clients in the financial services related industries.