Merchant Funding/Cash Advance Inspections

  • Assists cash advance and funding companies in assessing the size, viability and legitimacy of business lending applicants.
  • Provides On-Site Verification of applicants’ physical location and business operation.
  • Substantiates representations made on merchant cash advance/funding applications.
  • Conducts professional observations and photographic reinforcement provided by vetted, well-trained inspectors.
  • Performs intuitive, industry specific quality review process.

When a business accepts credit cards as a form of payment, they can receive fast access to capital, contingent on future revenues/ receivables. The lender uses information, such as a company’s credit card volume to determine the amount of money that can be advanced. The payment amount to the business can fluctuate and is dependent upon the amount of future credit card sales. The funds are collected through the merchant’s daily deposits.

Prior to approving a new merchant, the funding provider has cause to verify the location, operation and health of the business prior to granting access to funds. The fastest, most effective and thorough way to for them to obtain such verification is to hire Metro Inspections, an unbiased, third-party inspection provider with

an understanding of the industry-specific concerns and a national network of well-trained, vetted professional inspectors. Metro Inspections will assign an inspector to visit the business location, make several observations such as verifying the address, signage, whether the signage matches the business name, the size and quality of the business operation, type of business and other observations, as deemed necessary by the Merchant Funding & Cash Advance Provider. Metro Inspections will then analyze, scrutinize, and compile the results in order to submit them to the Provider through our state-of-the-art Inspection Management System. The Provider is then able to assess the findings as they make final determination on the approval of the application for the Merchant Cash Advance/Business Funding.

We know that each of our clients, while being in the same or similar industries, have very unique attributes, policies and preferences. For this reason, we realize that one size does not fit all. Each new client Metro Inspections takes on goes through an on-boarding process, which includes preference meetings (on-site or via tele-conference) designed to customize each and every step of the inspection process. Just a few popular customizations include:

  • Ordering Method (i.e. click-to-order, manualentry, email, API)
  • Scheduled Appointments vs. Unannounced Inspection Visits
  • Required Photos
  • Inspection Questions
  • Scripts for Contacting Merchant
  • Preferred Communication Methods
  • Reporting
  • Billing

This level of customization creates as seamless experience as possible for the payments provider, freeing up time and attention to focus on other priorities rather than micromanaging their inspection vendor.

Given the demanding schedule of the risk management and credit professionals who rely on our services, we understand the necessity for quick, constant, efficient communication. A key element of Metro Inspections’ business model is responsiveness. Any client communications, whether they be general in nature or specific to an inspection order, are addressed immediately and a resolution communicated promptly upon its finding.

Our Clients have direct access to our Inspection Coordinator team via telephone, email and online messaging for instances regarding specific inspection orders. In addition, a Relationship Manager is assigned at Metro Inspections to work directly with a specific designee to ensure that all preferences are kept up-to-date as well as to resolve any issues or concerns that may arise regarding the terms of the partnership. In addition, Metro Inspections’ Relationship Managers are issue-resolution experts. As such, they are included in all communication regarding any escalated situations, and, in many cases, will get involved to ensure a speedy resolution of the issue.

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