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Since 1990, Metro Inspections has remained focused on developing the most effective and efficient on-site verification services in the payments industry. We provide customized physical on-site inspections, photographic evidence and comprehensive reports that help our clients make better informed underwriting decisions. Metro Inspections embraces three key philosophies:

1) Each member of our team is fully trained and knowledgeable on our client’s business; this includes knowing client-specific procedures and understanding the reasons they exist.

2) We recruit and retain only the most professional, well-trained, vetted and reliable inspectors, individuals that our clients feel proud to have representing their business.

3) We stay ahead of the technological curve by constantly monitoring and employing the most advanced tools and techniques available.

Using this simple yet complete strategy, Metro Inspections has become a recognized leader in the field of on-site business verification.

Our Clients Enjoy . . .

  • A customized strategy, tailored to meet their business requirements and specifications.
  • Peace of mind, knowing that their brand and interests are being represented by vetted, well-trained professionals.
  • Responsive service and support from a team of experts that understand and care about their business.
  • Customized reports, delivered on demand and as requested (API, Web-based, Fax, E-mail, or U.S. Mail).
  • In-person observations and validation of businesses located anywhere in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • A partner with unmatched experience, having more than five combined decades in the financial services industry, including working directly within Fortune 500 firms.

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Welcome to our new Metro Inspections, LLC webpage!

Metro has always prided itself on setting the industry standard for on-site verification services and we wanted that to come across aesthetically in our new, re-vamped website.

Our founder has always emphasized that Metro is a specialized and very unique business.  We handle each and every order with care, expediency, and meticulous attention to detail.  With that said, we wanted our website to reflect the same caliber of professionalism and expertise that we execute with each of our on-site verifications.  What better place to start than the website that so many of our clients and inspectors visit regularly?

This a new look for Metro, along with an opportunity for us to meet new clients and expand our reach into the industries we specialize in!  You can rest-assured when you choose Metro Inspections to do your on-site verifications they will be handled with quick turnaround and meticulous attention to detail!

On the left below, we have posted a picture of our former website.  On the right, we have posted a picture of our new and improved website illustrating the new look and feel of Metro Inspections.  If you are an existing client or inspector, you may log in just like you always have.

We hope you enjoy our new look as much as we do and welcome any feedback you would like to provide.  Just click on the Contact Us link at the top right of this form and let us know your thoughts!

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