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We add new types of inspections regularly to keep up with the growing demands of our clientele.



Metro Inspections has specialized in Merchant Site Inspections for nearly two decades! When a business wants to be able to accept credit cards as a form of payment from customers, or provide consumer financing for its customers, an application is submitted to a merchant acquiring bank or financial services company. The Merchant Site Inspection assists acquirers and financial institutions in the preliminary assessment of a merchant account and in their efforts to mitigate the fraud and risk associated with the establishment of the account. Our inspectors are trained to verify the physical location of a business and validate appropriate and adequate inventory to conduct such business, while documenting important facts and information pertaining to the merchant's acceptance of bankcards.

Drive-by Business Inspections are especially helpful to lenders who want to verify the physical location of an address or business when no personal contact or appointment is necessary. Our inspectors are available for 'drive-bys' at a moment's notice and will provide whatever documentation is requested (report, photos, etc.) to meet the needs of individual clients.

Business Inspections assist our clients in determining the legitimacy of a business, whether it's operating or not. This inspection includes, but is not limited to validation of facts such as ownership, posting of appropriate licensing to conduct business, premises condition and neighborhood environment. As with all of our inspections, you write the ticket on exactly what a Business Inspection entails.

Our Leased Equipment/Collateral Inspection provides a way for our clients to learn about the physical condition, usage and/or whereabouts of collateral such as leased vehicles, RVs, boats, heavy duty commercial equipment and large farm equipment. Serial/ID numbers can be verified and photos taken'you define the requirements and we'll meet your specifications!

Metro Inspections personnel are specially trained to conduct Property Condition Inspections which assist our clients in getting a handle on the overall condition and occupancy situation at any address, residential or commercial.

Field Visit Inspections include components of other inspections, with added services such as customer visits, letter/document delivery and reference checks with neighbors.

The Insurability Inspection assists our clients in ascertaining risks pertaining to the insurability of property. A customized report is prepared, based upon the specific needs of your business, including documentation photographs, interviews and a check of public records.

For businesses interested in maintaining and assuring quality employee customer relations, our inspectors are available to conduct Secret Shopper forays. The resulting report is highly customized to meet the specific needs of the requesting client, and can be modified as needs evolve.
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